Scheme handicraft exports in 2010-2015 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved aims to maintain export growth rate from 10% to 12%.

 This project strives until the end of 2015, exports of handicrafts reached $ 1.6 billion. In particular, exports of rattan industry group reached 530 million, accounting for 33%; ceramic industry reached 480 million, accounting for 30%; weaving industry reached 270 million, accounting for weight 17%; household wood mosaic and $ 130 million, up 8% and other groups reached 190 million, accounting for 12%.

 To help achieve the above objectives, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also offers specific solutions implemented.

 Materials, focused on building and developing stable and sustainable raw material areas, with priority to the development of specialized areas to focus combined with the economic development model to address household harmony between stable raw materials and increase income for households in rural areas.

 Processing, focused on the development of traditional handicraft products with low technological investment, quick recovery, saving raw materials and have the ability to create more jobs.

 For human resources, the need to train human resources to serve the objectives restructuring export by promoting the export of handicraft items of high value-added, innovative products. Policies to encourage communication training and artisans; focused development team of skilled workers in the field, library design ...

 Trade promotion, will focus on developing export markets, improving the quality and effectiveness of union trade promotion abroad (studies, market surveys, participation in fairs, trade commercial, client conferences, etc.), especially for large markets and great potential for export handicrafts of Vietnam, such as the United States, EU (Germany, UK, France, Italy), Japan, Russia, Australia, South America and Northern Europe.

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