Anh Nguyet, be patient to reach her dream

Morning sunlight stretches large yard of Kim Hung Crafts in Thanh My, Thuong Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City. Chairman of  Kim Hung Crafts, Ms Huynh Thi Anh Nguyet and employees dried water hyacinth mats. Ms Anh Nguyet put carpet in the long range cleverly, and edit the pieces carefully. Work with employees, Ms looks simplicity and close like members in a family.

Holding round carpet, I ask: “ What’s fun that Nguyet love water hyacinth?". Just show me the collection album about  images of products from water hyacinth were made by the women in the cooperation, Nguyet smiled and said: "I don’t also think that I work in this field."

Her  family has two children. Although the family is not rich but Nguyet’s parents create conditions for their children to study. Difficult childhood helped Nguyet to have patience, independence, love of labor. In 1998, after failing the exam, Nguyet took part in a technician training course about Information Technology (2 years). She went to work in her free time to have money and experience about business.

Once going to your house in My Tho City, Tien Giang Province, she visited to her friend’s sister house where attracted hundreds of local workers, and she was interested in by water hyacinth. She started to learn knitting products. Nguyet was suggested to be a purchaser and provide water hyacinth weekly. Since that trip, Nguyet began to do her own business.

Walking around the campus in Kim hung Crafts, Nguyet said before this place was farmland, the family's annual income. When Nguyet had intention to buy hyacinths, my parents decided to allocated to expand her business with reminder "The marketplace as well as the battlefield. Success or failure also experience in life ". At that time, Nguyet was only 20 years old but remember parent's teachings in her mind.

On the first days to do business, Nguyet alone worked and studied at the same time. Nguyet hired boats to go to Phung Hiep, Long My, Vi Thanh to buy hyacinths. Nguyet said: "at that time, I had to go to the hamlet to buy a lot of water hyacinth material and  supply. To compete, I have to buy with a higher price, or deposit for them”. Next time, Nguyet not only supply the material but also weave the products. Ms Nguyet encouraged some women in the region to learn weave carpets from water hyacinth. Nguyet said: "The product does not make mistakes. Women had to be removed to edit several times. This job requires painstaking and patience, do not be negligent ".

After a while, Nguyet had more life experience and maintained its reputation for long-term cooperation. She though stable and skilled labor force to be concerned. Nguyet also contacted with local departments to open training classes for women. Nguyet supplied of raw materials and participated in the technical guide. After 15 days of training, women could get raw materials for weaving and received money for the products which they made. My impression about Nguyet is concentration to teach women to make a carpet in Thanh Hung, Thuong Thanh Ward. In hight production time, Nguyet have to worry about purchasing and reserving of raw materials, checking products, delivering, signing new contracts, and ensuring monthly salary for women.

Nguyet remembers in May 2-2006, supported by the Union Cooperation of Can Tho City, Kim Hung Crafts was established and worked. Anh Nguyet is the chairman, signs the contracts about hyacinth products directly. Until now, Nguyet has built a group with over 20 skilled workers, ready to many places tol train for women workers.

Ms Bui Thi Thu Cuc, Deputy Chairman of the Women said: " Kim Hung Crafts has created the conditions for women in local to have stable job and income. Women can get material and do at their house. After delivering of the products, and get money ". In summer, children buy the dried water hyacinth to Kim Hung Crafts, saving money for the next school year, helping their parents. Ms Kieu Nga who was  usually devised to go to many places to train for women said: "Nguyet is a fun, frienly, emotional person. She is young but she works and communicate very well ". Ms. Trang in Phu My, Thuong Thanh Ward, said: "Thanks to weaving water hyacinth, every month, I have more income to help family."

With many achievements in the development of crafts in local as well as creation conditions for women have jobs, Kim Hung Crafts was selected to report at Cooperation Conference in Can Tho City in 2007. Nguyen Quoc Hai, Chairman of the Union cooperation of Can Tho City, said: "Anh Nguyet is a young, enthusiastic and active chairman. Nguyet has bravely open the training classes, sign contracts, find partners, and create jobs for rural workers ".

Currently, Kim Hung Crafts consumed five key commodities from water hyacinth, but  the most powerful is hyacinth mats. Nguyet also told me about her idea to expand Cooperation to attract visitors and customers. She collects traditional products in local, such as: hats, mats, baskets .. . and hopes that she will be supported, introduced to make a plan ...

The sun was hidden behind the mountain. Nguyet is busy with the women collect products from water hyacinth placed in storage. Seeing Nguyet, I remember Nguyet’s future plans and imagine about one day Kim Hung Crafts will be the place for many tourists. With a 28-years-old chairman, all are in the future .

                                                                                                                                              Anh Phuong